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Writer's Block: Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?


Here's the story:
In my first year at uni, I lived with a girl called Miranda (who I saw just last week with her lovely baby girl). Revising for our end of year exams, we listened to a lot of Queen. At some point after hours of non-stop revision and many many sugary snacks, it seemed reasonable to invent a dance routine to Barcelona.
I was Monserrat Caballe, she was Freddie Mercury. We had costumes: I had a red baseball hat with a picture of Oliver Kahn (then goalkeeper of the German football squad) stuck to it as a mask, and Miranda had a yellow hat with a picture of Prince William pinned to it. We climbed on chairs a lot. I don't remember how any of this came to exist, but we actually performed it for a group of people in our kitchen once.

I went to the library a lot more to revise after that.
People who spend all their time complaining about where they live annoy me. Especially a particular type of German person. There's a big thread unfolding on a German girl's (lives in the UK) facebook about how she wants to open a German cafe. British breakfast culture is so rubbish, they don't have bratwurst here, British people eat only what they scrape out of the bin, etc etc etc. Evolving into a universal dissing of everything British. These are the same people who, back in Germany, will go misty eyed at the mention of crumpets and complain vociferously about the lack of haggis or mince and tatties. Get a LIFE.

Writer's Block: Saints and sinners

If you found a wad of cash on the ground, would you keep it? Donate it? Take it to the police?

Donate it. My sister found a pile of cash near a station once (over 100DM, this was years ago) and we took it to the station police. Explained what had happened. You could see the thought process on the policeman's face: 'what do they want... why are they giving us cash they found... oh in case someone's lost it... but... WAAAAIIIIT... even if this someone shows up, they'll never know... whoop whoop KERCHING shiny money all for meeee'

We regretted handing it in afterwards but at least it's on his conscience.

Biggest amount I've found was 10DM as a child, and you were allowed to keep that. Today I found 20p in the library and that's definitely ok to keep :) paid for 4/5ths of my yoghurt though.

those were the days

I got this from jennifleur 

15 Years Ago (July 1996), :

1. I was 15, living at home in Hamburg with my parents.
2. I had a mad crush on a boy who of course had no time whatsoever for me except when it came to copying my homework. He sat next to me for the year in class (we had a fixed classroom with allocated seats, for everything except natural sciences and art/music). Last time I saw him he was kind of short and nondescript.
3. It was the end of  the first year in a new class. I'd 'broken up' with my best friend from before and made a new best friend who was more into being a teenage girl etc. - the 'ex' was more tomboy like. I am now still friends with both of them, although not super close to either.

10 Years Ago (July 2001), :

1. I was 20 and in a dead-end relationship that I didn't realise was dead-end for another two years. Best to get these things out the way in one's teens and early twenties I suppose. This man has instilled in me a lifelong wariness of indecisive shy people with a nervous laugh who suck away all my energy and give nothing in return.
2. Those were my last days as an aupair in Paris, and I was getting tired of it. We went to Grenoble for a holiday where it was hot, sticky and I had to sleep in a windowless boxroom. The room was also doorless, so I got to hear ALL the bedroom activity of my aupair parents and their sister (in law) and hubby who we were staying with. Joyous.
3. I was preparing to move to Scotland for my undergrad degree and was panicking about this possibly being the worst idea of my life.

5 Years Ago (July 2006)
1. I was 25
2. I was in the middle of writing my Masters dissertation in Translation Studies in Manchester, in a very hot summer, hanging out with Sue, Zelda and Lauren a lot.
3. I was being messily dumped, and had also just met D. It was a confusing time and I didn't behave admirably throughout it. By the end of August things had calmed down.

3 Years Ago (July 2008), :

1. I was 27
2. That time I was finishing my first year report for my PhD, it seemed like a massive deal then, and I suppose it was. I now fail to see how I ever struggled with something as small as that. Suppose this means I've progressed.
3. I went on holiday to Cornwall, it was ace.

1 Year Ago (July 2010), :

1. I was 29 and had just moved in with Freaky Eileen of Nice Balance fame in Edinburgh.
2. Varia and I went to a big fancy world congress in Stockholm, I had prepared like a maniac due to panic about it, and my paper went brilliantly. Stockholm was nice too. Our hostel wasn't.
3. The month of weddings, including John's wedding. A great day and in some ways the end of an era. I'm not even sure why.

Yesterday, :

1. We had a walk and picknick in Alderley Edge. It was warm enough to lie on the grass and watch clouds.
2. BBQ dinner at M&F's house down the road and fun times with their children.
3. I was sad to find out that one of my favourite administrators at uni has died unexpectedly. I was quite fond of her - no nonsense person, always helpful, and remembered my name and what department I was from even though I'm just a lowly tutor. Odd to think she won't be around.

Today, :

1. We're fetching building and gardening stuff from B&Q to do things in the garden and the garage.
2. I need to fix my bike tyre... wish me luck!
3. We're having salmon for dinner, just looked out a recipe for it.

Tomorrow, :

1. If the bike is fixed, I'm biking to the library and doing work there. Otherwise train to Joule library in town. I'm done with this whole walking 45 mins every morning to main library. Tsss
2. I might do some knitting and sewing
3. But only if I do enough work...

In a week,:

1. Moreof the same. It's all work work work on the damn thesis
2. I will probably go up to Edinburgh at some point soon and see supervisor...
3. Maybe our pea plants and bean plants will have gone somewhere

In one month (August 2011),:

1. Thesis panic will be even more intense as the deadline gets closer.
2. D's birthday, I have crafted a present already, but need to get something else. I'm not sure what.
3. Edinburgh festival fringe.. I will probably be up for at least one weekend, there are various shows I want to see, also to plan Iona's hen do. And more supervision meetings I suppose.

In one year (July 2012),:

1. I hope to have found some gainful employment
2. I hope D and I will have been to Japan in spring to visit our friend there (depends entirely on me finding said gainful job)
3. Not sure what other plans I have til then...

In five years (July 2016),

1. If I'm ever going to have children I hope to have got cracking by then.
2. Maybe we'll have moved elsewhere. We wouldn't mind going to America for a few years.
3. A nice job would be good but as long as we're healthy and getting by I'm happy.

Writer's Block: Fairest one of all

What is something you would never want to change about yourself?

I'm just talking about appearance here...

My colouring and height. I used to think that if only I was short, blonde and got tanned my life problems would be solved in one fell swoop.  I got fake tanned a few times for shows, and it just looks awful (even with a good quality fake tan). And I realised i like my hair colour a lot and it suits my freckly pale pale skin. I still tend to think I'm shorter than I am (because I used to be very short until I was about 17) and get surprised when I see myself in pictures next to shorter people who I had assumed were towering over me, but it's a pleasant surprise.

I'm not going into all the things I dislike and would happily change if it was possible/money was no object, too depressing... I'm ok with myself mostly.

And another thing

An old boss (from like 4 years ago) left me a voicemail. He's like "I want to find out more about [certain fairly run of the mill topic]. Please phone back, text or email, ta"
Is my first reaction of "well wikipedia is your effing friend, as well as the rest of the entirety of the internets that google will quite happily search for you" uncharitable? Timewaster.

Writer's Block: Dream reader

Do you have any recurring dreams? If so, what do you think it says about your personality? How about your unconscious hopes, fears, and desires?

I have a few recurring dreams. Let's see

1. The one in the hotel - I get lost in a hotel and am trying to find my friends
2. The hostel - I am at a mountain hut type thing with friends, the hut is falling mostly apart
3. My family and I get lost in the car
4. I drown or get lost in a swimming pool
5. I'm in a strange city trying to park the car, but the directions are really confusing

That's all the ones I can remember right now. All your average anxiety dreams. I just remember them more than other people, I've inherited that from my dad... not sure if they say anything about my personality. Scaredy cat perhaps

Sometime I will find out if there's a complaints procedure for people the university has contracted to undertake work.
I'm on about the builders that are meant to be fixing up the library. It's one thing to fulfil your stereotype (leering, whistling at women, scratching nether regions in public, bum hanging out of trousers, reading the daily star), but throwing pebbles (and copious amounts of foul mouthed abuse) at students doesn't quite fall under that.   


Am in Toronto. Whoop.
Been for 1 1/2 days now and jetlag shows NO SIGNS of abating. I am so incredibly tired all the time.

We walked around a nature reserve yesterday, then went to a curry restaurant that looked three times as garish and five times as scabby as the Curry Mile ones in Rusholme, and the food was SO GOOD. Nom nom. Then we walked around more. This was supposed to help us 'get our bearings' but did nothing of the kind because we just followed Mary along.

Later that evening for Earth Hour they made us walk around in the dark and the freezing cold for about three hours. That did NOT make me happy. I was so, so tired.
Now it's apparently 11 in the morning although to me it totally feels like mid afternoon (which it is in Britain). I have a massive headache and just want to sit around all day. Which won't happen.

Writer's Block: Best book ever!

Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

Tender is the Night (F Scott Fitzgerald)
The Master and Margarita (Mikhail Bulgakov)

*looks around shiftily*
Coming Home (Rosamunde Pilcher)